Moving Into Your New Office Space

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In the first of a series of guest blogs on the Commercial Property Finance Queensland Blog, Zachary Rook from Your Local Movers discusses moving your office or warehouse premises. 

OK, you’ve just purchased your own office / warehouse premises, and you’re ready to move in– here are 5 top things to remember when moving your business. 

1. Nominate a move coordinator in the office 

You need to assign one person to be in control of the move. If you fail to nominate one person, there will end up being a number of people rushing around trying to organise something which may have already been done. Multiple organisers can only lead to confusion and double booking on the day, especially if there is no communication. 

2. Organise your phone and internet connection 

You need to organise the phone and internet connection at least 6 weeks prior to your move. One of the biggest issues businesses face when moving is not having their phone and internet properly connected. Therefore it is very important to have this organised very early and to continually follow them up leading up to the move. Businesses should not move into their new office space until there is a dial tone. 

3. Plan ahead 

This may seem very self explanatory, however forgetting the tiniest thing in the planning stages could definitely affect your move. You need to organise your removalists at least 4-6 weeks prior to the move, to ensure availability for your desired day. Be sure to write up the floor plan for your new office space to provide to the removalists. The more detailed the floor plan, the easier the removalists will be able to unload everything on the day. In the floor plan you should allocate everyone to their desks and office spaces, therefore the removalists will know where to place each individual’s office supplies. Start packing non essential items at least 10 days prior to your move, even earlier would be ideal if that was possible. This will ensure everything is not left until the last minute and people stressing the day prior to the move. 

4. Brief managers and team 

It is essential to organise a team meeting a week prior to the move to brief all managers and team members on what to expect during the move. Most moving companies will have a representative who will be able to attend the meeting and answer any questions, if required. During this team meeting is the perfect opportunity to hand out all of the employees new access keys or cards which will grant them access to the new office. This will allow the employees to feel more comfortable about the move as they can see everything is organised. 

5. Use professionals 

There is nothing worse than organising removalists and having untrained sub-contractors turning up to complete the move. These sub-contractors may have never moved an office before, let alone a house and aren’t professionally trained to move offices. When choosing a moving company to relocate your office, be sure to check their reviews online from sites such as Google and do some research to find out if they have had experience moving offices similar to yours. 

If all five of these important tips are remembered from the pre-planning stage through to the finishing stages of the move you will definitely see a smooth office move take place. At Your Local Movers you can be ensured you will receive the most professional service throughout all stages of the move. Your Local Movers has nearly a decade of helping businesses enjoy the transition from moving to old office space to their new office space.

Zachary Rook is the Managing Director for Your Local Movers, a Brisbane-based moving company specialising in office moves. 

For more information visit or email Zachary at

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